A New Twist: The Veggie Cheat Sheet

Concerned about your vegetarianism ruling out your favorite Twisters meal? Have no fear, the Veggie Cheat Sheet is here.

Are you a creative eater or adventurous foodie? Our Twisters Menu offers the flexibility to experiment with new tastes and create your perfect platter. To get you started, we are sharing a few of our own new twists on old favorites.

Our New Twist series will show you how to spice up our menu even more with just a few little changes. Consider it a secret menu with nearly limitless options. This time, we want to make it easy for all of our vegetarian friends. We’re eliminating the hard work of having to pick through the menu and giving you a few hints to veggie-tize your meal. Soon you’ll be doing it like a pro!

Green Chile Vegan Burrito

How it’s done

  1. We’re pretty big fans of our Build Your Own Breakfast Burritos, where you can substitute bell pepper and onion instead for the meat. Remember, we can customize anything, so we’ll work with you!
  2. Our Nacho Supreme is already vegetarian and big enough for a meal!
  3. Substitute the meat for veggies, rice or beans when you order our Enchiladas or Burritos. Easy!
  4. Worried about getting your protein fix? Why not try a Cheese Quesadilla and add some beans, bell pepper, onion, and a zesty topping of guacamole? Yum!
  5. If you just can’t decide, you can go with one of our vegetarian classics. Just look for a green “V” on the menu.

For the overachievers

  1. A dessert is perfect with any vegetarian meal. We think a Strawberry churro or some fresh made sopapillas might just be the perfect way to top it all off.

Like to eat outside the box? Mix and Match and come up with your own Menu Hacks! Share them with us on social media by tagging them #HacksWithATwist.