Twisters Catering: Your Event Solution

Twisters Event Catering Options

When it comes to catering for events, Twisters has got you covered. From delicious burgers to mouth-watering burritos, we offer a variety of options to make your event a hit. Let’s dive into some common questions about our catering services.

What catering options does Twisters offer?

We offer a diverse menu that includes burgers, burritos, tacos, and more. Whether it’s a corporate event or a family gathering, our menu has something for everyone.

How do I place a catering order with Twisters?

Placing an order is simple. You can either call us directly or fill out the catering form on our website. Our team will then confirm the details with you.

Does Twisters offer catering for special events?

Yes, we cater for all types of special events, including weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions. Our team will work with you to customize the menu as per your needs.

What is the minimum order for Twisters catering?

The minimum order requirement varies depending on the event size and location. It’s best to consult with our team for specific details.

Can Twisters cater to dietary restrictions?

Absolutely, we offer vegetarian and gluten-free options to accommodate various dietary needs. Just let us know in advance.

How far in advance do I need to book Twisters catering?

We recommend booking at least one week in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak seasons.

For more details on our catering services, visit our catering page.