The Tale of Mr. Twister

It was a hot summer monsoon Monday, July 18th, in Duke City.
The dawn of a new era had begun taking shape for this 18-year-old favorite son,
and that shape was being fashioned by tenacity, analytics, and design.
We had holes to fill, pots to polish, flags to fly and lots of delicious fare to serve,
but first we wanted, no; we needed a champion.

So, after much pondering, contemplation and hours rendered,
all the thoughts and sketches of twisters, tornadoes, cyclones
and hurricanes we lamented and shouted NO!… that’d be a disaster!

Pencil in hand, elbow on table, fist on chin and then it came; a glimmer,
with the proverbial light bulb over the head and BANG!
With a sparkle in his eye and a swirl in his step, it was in that moment
our wondrous whirling CURLY FRY was conceived.

Eyes WIDE open, and with a GREAT BIG smile, resembling his namesake,
and affectionately known as Mr. Twister; our HERO was born.
Welcome Home and Happy Birthday!!!