Twisters’ Innovative Menu: Savor the Southwest


Twisters Burgers & Burritos has long been a haven for those who crave the unique blend of Southwestern and Mexican flavors. In our recent feature, “Southwest Flavors Shine at Twisters”, we explored the culinary journey that has made Twisters a beloved destination for fast-casual dining enthusiasts. Now, let’s delve into the latest additions to our menu that continue to tantalize taste buds.

What are the latest menu additions at Twisters?

Twisters is constantly innovating, and our latest menu additions are a testament to this. From savory new burger concoctions to burritos that pack a flavorful punch, each new item is a culinary adventure.

How does Twisters create new menu items?

Our culinary team blends inspiration from traditional Southwestern cuisine with contemporary trends. Each dish is crafted with a focus on flavor, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Are there any current promotions for new dishes at Twisters?

Absolutely! We often introduce our new dishes with special promotions. Visit our menu page to discover current deals and savor the flavors without straining your wallet.

What inspired the new menu items at Twisters?

Inspiration for our new items comes from a variety of sources, including regional culinary traditions, customer feedback, and our chefs’ creative flair.

How often does Twisters update their menu with new items?

We believe in keeping things fresh and exciting. Our menu is updated periodically to reflect new culinary trends and customer preferences.

What’s the process behind developing new dishes at Twisters?

Developing new dishes involves extensive research, experimentation, and taste testing to ensure every new offering meets our high standards.

How can I find out about the latest Twisters menu additions?

Stay updated by following us on social media and checking our website regularly for the latest menu updates.

Do Twisters’ new menu items include vegetarian options?

Yes, we are committed to catering to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian options.

How does Twisters test and select their new menu offerings?

Our selection process involves customer feedback, market research, and ensuring a balance of flavors and dietary options.

Are there any special ingredients in Twisters’ latest dishes?

We pride ourselves on using high-quality, fresh ingredients, with a focus on local produce whenever possible.

What culinary trends are influencing new items at Twisters?

We keep an eye on current culinary trends, incorporating elements that resonate with our brand and customer preferences.

How does Twisters announce their new menu releases?

New menu releases are announced through our social media channels, email newsletters, and on our website.

What are the most recent customer favorites added to the Twisters menu?

Our customers have recently been raving about our new spicy burrito bowl and the innovative veggie burger with a Southwestern twist.