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Calling all breakfast burrito enthusiasts! We know everyone has their go-to order, and now we want to know which burrito reigns supreme. Is it the spicy kick of the Albuquerque, the hearty fill of the Denver, or perhaps the vegetarian delight? Your favorite could lead the pack!

Participate in our poll below to cast your vote for the best Twister's breakfast burrito. Your feedback is crucial as it helps us understand which flavors truly capture your taste buds and maybe even inspire new additions to our menu!

How It Works:
  1. Review the Options Below: We've listed some of the most popular Twister's breakfast burritos.
  2. Cast Your Vote: Use the form below to select your favorite burrito.
  3. See Real-Time Results: Once you vote, you'll see how others have voted too!
Why Your Vote Matters:

Your input helps us tailor our menu to better suit your preferences, ensuring that every visit to Twister’s leaves you satisfied and excited for your next meal. Plus, by voting, you get to see if your favorite is a crowd-pleaser or a hidden gem.

Don’t miss out on this chance to make your voice heard – vote now and let’s find out which breakfast burrito is the community’s top pick!

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