The History of the Red & Green Chile

Here at Twisters, our Chile is sourced locally right here in New Mexico and is farmed fresh from the growers by the same family for over four generations! The history of Chile is very special to New Mexico for a variety of reasons. One being how it boosted the economy in 2009 by creating the New Mexico modern-day pepper. Originated in Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico, chile plants were first grown by Pueblo and Hispano communities. Did you know that Red and Green Chile comes from the same plant?

When a green Chile pepper is ready, it’s a bright green color and has as much Vitamin C as six oranges! The heat in a green pepper comes from a chemical called Capsaicin. Green chile is commonly served roasted and peeled, whole or diced, and in a variety of sauces. Usually, the peppers are roasted, which slightly reduces the heat and brings forward the delicious flavor we know and love.

The red chile is known as the mature chile because as it begins to ripen, it becomes a deep red color. This color is extracted from the pepper pods and used in a variety of things such as household goods, cosmetics, and processed meats. Once dried, this starts the process of the pepper becoming sweeter and with a much different taste than the green chile pepper. It is typically ground into a powder to make red chile flakes, which can then included to whip up that tasty red chile.