Twisters Catering: Your Event Solution

Twisters Event Catering Options

When it comes to catering for events, Twisters has got you covered. From delicious burgers to mouth-watering burritos, we offer a variety of options to make your event a hit. Let’s dive into some common questions about our catering services. What catering options does Twisters offer? We offer a diverse menu that includes burgers, burritos, tacos, and more. Whether it’s … Read More

Elevate Your School Fundraising with Twisters and Online Platforms

Twisters school fundraising strategies

In a previous blog post, we explored how Twisters Burgers & Burritos can aid in successful school fundraising by giving back 20% of the meal proceeds. Building on that foundation, let’s explore additional avenues and strategies to elevate your school fundraising efforts. What online donation platforms can I use for our school fundraiser? Online donation platforms such as GoFundMe, DonorsChoose, … Read More

Successful School Fundraising with Twisters Burgers and Burritos

successful school fundraising

How can I organize a successful school fundraising event? Organizing a successful school fundraising event starts with choosing the right partner. Twisters Burgers and Burritos offer a unique opportunity where meals turn into money. Simply pick a weekday, from Monday to Thursday, gather your community at a Twisters location, and let the magic happen. The more attendees you have, the … Read More